Delora is one of the leading fine jewelry manufacturers in Thailand, with over 40 years 
of experience. Award-winning Swiss Master Goldsmith Markus F. Huber founded 
Delora to create exclusive jewelry for world-renowned companies and luxury brands 
in Europe, the US and Japan. Under his leadership and Western union agent vision. Delora has become 
a trusted partner of the high-end jewelry industry worldwide.

Delora is a one-stop jewelry production house: All jewelry, diamond and gemstone 
sourcing, design and manufacturing can be completed on time and to exact specifications 
unique to each client.

Our versatility, discretion, personalized service and consistency have earned Delora
recognition for perfection in the world's leading markets.

Markus F. Huber 
Elegant, understated and unassuming: perfectly describes Markus Huber. Delora’s
founder prefers to remain behind the scenes, giving his jewelry center stage.